Meet Roof Right Now’s Crew Chief

The only reason we are the number one residential roofing company in Central Texas is because of our people.

Tim Rodriguez, our crew chief, brings 11 years of “on the job” installation experience to Roof Right Now. Friendly, professional, and a great communicator, Tim works alongside Tyler to ensure the best customer experience possible.

“He is quite simply the most talented installer I’ve ever seen,” says Tyler.

At Roof Right Now we hire certified roofing specialists. They are roofers by trade, not all-purpose handymen. We recruit our installers from trusted sources like roofing supply houses, and we only hire crews whose work we have personally verified.

There is no substitute for experience, and at Roof Right Now, we would rather hire a seasoned roofing professional than someone with shiny tools and a new truck. The right crews are worth the investment.